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Ultrasonic Polishing - Tips and Process By: Kemet 6th Oct 2020

Ultrasonic Polishing - Tips and Process

The best results are achieved with ceramic- fibre files for removal of hard erosion skin...

How to finish your 3D prints By: Kemet 21st Sept 2020

How to finish your 3D prints

3D printing is a special technology that has opened up a world. This is also the case in the medical sector...

die polishing coins By: Kemet 31st May 2016

Die Polishing Tips

Helpful tips & techniques for Die Polishing coins, Tungsten Carbide round, shaped wire, bar drawings...

Polishing Stainless Steel Moulds By: Kemet 4th January 2016
boride meusburger stones By: Kemet 16th December 2015
bore finishing tools By: Kemet 5th February 2015

Kemet Offer Highly Polished System for Bore Finishing

Kemet International Ltd, have developed a system that is guaranteed to provide extreme accuracy in production bore finishing.

By: Kemet 29th September 2014

Cylindrical Lapping Using Helilaps

Technical Article on using helical laps

By: Kemet 19th August 2014
By: Kemet 7th August 2014

Plastic Injection Mould Polishing Techniques

Simple and fool proof method of polishing mould steel. With a few variations, it will work on any kind of steel and can be done by anyone.

By: Kemet 28th July 2014

How to become a Mould Polisher and enjoy it!

Mould polishing is a many faceted, highly skilled operation. Learn the basics first, then be inventive. Be constantly on the look-out for a better way.

By: Kemet 16th July 2014

Polishing Iron Bottle Moulds

Technical article on polishing iron bottle moulds

By: Kemet 8th July 2014

Di-Pro Power hand tool system tackles issue of hand vibration

In recent years Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) has been identified as a major occupational hazard in the vibrating tools-using industry...

By: Kemet 8th July 2014

Polishing Aluminium Moulds

Technical article on polishing aluminium moulds

By: Kemet 1st July 2014

Polishing Stavax Moulds

Technical article on polishing stavax moulds