Centrifugal Polishing and Deburring Machine For High Quality Finishing, Faster!

Recently Kemet have added to their offering an alternative to labour intensive, and inconsistent, manual processing with a range of mass finishing techniques that provide greater economy, repeatability and quality.

Most manufactured components require some surface improvement to ensure that they are in an acceptable condition for the end-user. Automating the mechanical and chemical finishing of shaped parts, Kemet’s Mass Finishing enables large quantities of components to be finished simultaneously.

Super Centrifugal

With a wide variety of machines, capable of processing parts in batches or continuously, and a comprehensive range of abrasive media, liquid compound, powders and pastes, Kemet offer processes for: Deburring, Removal of machining lines and surface defects, Descaling, Degreasing, Smoothing, Polishing, Radius forming and Super-finishing.

Probably the most efficient of these finishing systems is the Super Centrifugal Polishing and Deburring range - designed to produce high ‘G’ forces and deliver shorter process times, while ensuring a high quality finish. These machines are very flexible, permitting a small, or large, numbers of parts to be finished simultaneously and achieving results that are impossible in a standard vibratory process - particularly applications that have a high surface finish requirement as well as removal of heavy machining or grinding marks. For more information on mass finishing components contact Kemet

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