Celebrating 75 years of service to precision engineering

Kemet 75th anniversary

The year 2013 marks a significant milestone for Kemet International Ltd as we have now been at the forefront of abrasive technology for 75 years.

Originally manufacturing and selling the Sanderhead, which was used in the production of the all wood Mosquito bomber (this product is still sold today, happily for more peaceful applications), Kemet is now a truly multinational organisation, our activities spanning the world, spearheaded by our companies in nine countries, all sharing the same commitment to customer support.

The company now has four divisions supplying equipment, diamond abrasives and other consumables for Lapping/Polishing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Precision Engineering Tools and Metallography/Petrography.

Now specialising in the production of quality diamond pastes and suspensions in our ISO 9001 qualified, purpose built laboratories in Kent, the company also produces Kemet composite lapping plates and other consumables to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive range of standard and purpose built equipment. Today Kemet still services the aircraft industry but also many others – from aerospace to mould making, from oil and gas to medical implants.

So while we celebrate 75 years, industry can enjoy the benefits of our longevity with our years of experience in process development enabling us to provide you with a complete solution to all your precision lapping, polishing and cleaning challenges.

Thinking of surface finishing - Think Kemet

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