Unique Flexible Metallic Fibre Backed Polishing Pads

5 Reasons why you should use the NEW Kemet Magnetic Polishing System

  • Greatly extended cloth life
  • No more finger cutting
  • Adaptable to any process
  • Adaptable to any magnetic plate
  • Cleaner Process

Technical Questions

Can Kemet’s Magnetic Polishing System be used for any kind of Polishing?

Yes, our R&D department has developed a unique solution that can be used with all Kemet’s diamond suspensions, diamond slurries, colloidal silica and lubricants.

Does Kemet’s Polishing Pads have cutting Edges?

No, Kemet’s Polishing pad system is 100% safe. No risk to cut fingertips.

Is Kemet’s solution convenient?

Yes, using this system, it is very easy to mount and remove your Kemet polishing pad from the plate. Forget about sticky adhesives on your mounting plate !

I have a non-magnetic plate. Can I use Kemet’s Polishing Pad System?

Yes, Kemet can also supply you with a magnetic disc that fit your machine. Simply stick it on your non-magnetic plate and it will make it magnetic !

Can I reuse the polishing pad?

Yes, your polishing pad can be reused.

I have a very specific polishing process. Can I use the Kemet solution?

Yes, Kemet’s solution can be used with all suspensions, slurries and lubricants. Moreover, you can always contact Kemet to develop a tailor made product to your specific technical requirements

What Polishing pad sizes are available?

Pads have been successfully developed and tested with all diameters up to 690mm. Certain pads are available up to 910mm diameter.

Is this product value for money?

Yes. Using the Kemet system, you will save time when mounting and adjusting your pad. The lifetime of your pad will be extended as you will be able to reuse it many times – leading to significant cost savings.

341175 ASFL-M, 200mm diameter Pack 10
341176 ASFL-M, 250mm diameter Pack 10
341177 ASFL-M, 300mm diameter Pack 10
341178 ASFL-M, 380mm diameter Pack 10
341851 Chem-HM, 200mm diameter Pack 10
341852 Chem-HM, 250mm diameter Pack 10
341853 Chem-HM, 300mm diameter Pack 10
341854 Chem-HM, 380mm diameter Pack 10
341856 Chem-HM, 610mm diameter Pack 10
341858 Chem-HM, 910mm diameter Pack 10
341815 MRE-M, 200mm diameter Pack 10
341816 MRE-M, 250mm diameter Pack 10
341817 MRE-M, 300mm diameter Pack 10
341818 MRE-M, 380mm diameter Pack 10
341811 PSU-MM, 200mm diameter Pack 10
341812 PSU-MM, 250mm diameter Pack 10
341813 PSU-MM, 300mm diameter Pack 10
341814 PSU-MM 380mm diameter Pack 10
345770 Magnetic Backing Disc, 200mm diameter Each
345771 Magnetic Backing Disc, 250mm diameter Each
345772 Magnetic Backing Disc, 300mm diameter Each
345773 Magnetic Backing Disc, 380mm diameter Each
345774 Magnetic Backing Disc, 610mm diameter Each
345775 Magnetic Backing Disc, 916mm diameter Each

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Unique Flexible Metallic Fibre Backed Polishing Pads

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