Which lapping plate to use?

A general guide to which Kemet Plate and Abrasive to select to lap or polish a given material.


L = Typical Lapping Plate and Kemet Diamond Micron Size
P = Typical Polishing Plate and Kemet Micron Size
P* = Mirror finish polish
PP = Prepolish

C = Cerium Oxide
* = Kemox 0-800 Abrasive
+ = No Abrasive Required

Material Plate Type
ASFL-A Pol. Cloth Col-K Kemet LP Kemet XF Kemet XP Kemet Copper Kemet PR3 Kemet BP Kemet Iron Cast Iron
Altic P < 1μ L 6μ L 6μ
Aluminium P 3μ P* L *
Brass P 3μ P 3μ L *
Technical Ceramic P 3μ L 6μ L 14μ
Carbon P 3μ L 6μ L *
Ferrite P 1μ P 3μ L 8μ
Ni Resist P 3μ L *
Plastics P 3μ L*
Hard Steel P 3μ P* P 3μ P 3μ L 14μ
Soft Steel P 3μ P 3μ L 14μ L *
Mould Steel P 3μ P* P 3μ L *
Sapphire P 1μ
Silicon Carbide P 3μ L 14μ
Stellite P 3μ P* P 3μ L*
Tungsten Carbide P 3μ P 3μ P 3μ L 14μ L 14μ
Stainless Steel P 3μ P* P 6μ
Optics C 1μ
Cobalt Chrome P* L 10μ PP 6μ L 14μ
Titanium P* L 10μ PP 6μ L14μ

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