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Kemet launch SPHERiMATCH

The servicing and manufacturing of hydraulic piston pumps involves the matching of a concave barrel and a convex swash plate. These faces need a perfectly matching radius to maintain performance and minimise leakage.

The refurbishing of these parts can be problematic since deep scoring can be found and this needs to be removed before the final matching operation can be performed.

Kemet International have offered match lapping machines for convex and concave hydraulic pump barrels and swash plates since their popular Kent 3 machine developed in the 1970’s. Their latest offering takes the simplicity of the Kent 3’s popular design and incorporates it onto their Kemtech 15 bench mounted heavy duty body.

This takes the maximum body size that can be matched from 75mm up to 300mm meaning the complete range of assembly sizes can now be processed on the same machine.

match lapping parts

Used in combination with Kemet’s ISO 9001 qualified diamond compounds and conventional aluminium oxide pastes, the new Kemet Match lapping Machine 'SPHERiMATCH' is an essential tool for any hydraulic servicing centre.

To prove the effectiveness of this new system Kemet are offering free of charge tests with the production of perfectly matched parts with the removal of any scoring. A full test report with process times and stages is supplied with every completed pair of parts.

If you’re looking to increase your throughput, or automate your barrel and swash plate refurbishment, Kemet could be the perfect match for you.

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