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Medical Implants are currently in great demand with manufacturers being asked for ever higher standards of surface finish and profile accuracy. Kemet International Ltd have spent many years developing, perfecting and automating Precision Surface Finishing Processes, specifically for the Medical Industry. All process development work for customers is being carried out free-of-charge.

The Kemet Process Development Laboratories have been successful in developing Special Purpose Polishing Machines for a wide range of Medical Implants. Two of the most recent being the Kemet Ball Polishing Machine and the Kemet Tibial Polishing Cell.

Polishing Orthopedic Medical Implants - Hip Cups

The Kemet Ball Polishing Machine can polish cups and balls (heads), for Hip Joints, to a mirror finish with a roundness accuracy of 3 microns. The simple 2 stage process is both reliable and repeatable. The machine can process all joint sizes and materials up to 100mm diameter. It can also easily be adapted for other round parts.

Test Requirements: To process unique style hip cups
Component/Material: Hip cups

Before Polishing Orthopedic Hip Cup

Before Polishing Orthopedic Hip Cup

After Polishing Orthopedic Hip Cup

After Polishing Orthopedic Hip Cup

Polishing Tibials

The Kemet Tibial Polishing Cell has been specifically developed for finishing large production quantities of replacement Knee parts, such as Tibial Trays. A typical Cell contains Kemet Smoothing, Polishing and Cleaning Systems. It is able to finish to a mirror polish component parts whilst maintaining the precise profile needed.

Current buffing processes used by Knee Joint and Hip Joint Manufacturers produce an uneven mirror polish. The Kemet Polishing System produces a geometrically and technically perfect flat mirror polish.

The Kemet process has transformed the way Tibials are polished worldwide. A Kemet 36 system will produce 400 parts per shift using only 2 operators. When we first entered this market each Tibial was hand finished on a polishing mop. This limited the throughput, and had health and safety implications where operators were injured mainly due to repetitive strain injuries.

Test Requirements: To mirror polish a tibial using a Kemet CMP process.
Component/Material: Tibial pieces (Cobalt Chrome)

Before Polishing Tibial Implant

Before Polishing Medical Implant

After Polishing Tibial Implant

After Polishing Medical Implant

Polishing Glenosphere

Test Requirements: To produce a surface finish better than 0.05Ra on Medical components.
Component/Material: Glenospheres
Machine: Ball Lapping/Polishing Machine

Before Polishing Glenosphere

Before Polishing Glenosphere

After Polishing Glenosphere

After Polishing Glenosphere

Mass Finishing Machine for Medical Devices

Made with the latest in High Energy Finishing technology, the drive mechanism is designed to produce high ‘G’ forces resulting in shorter process times and enabling faster finishing of the parts while ensuring a high quality finish. With a variety of applications the machine can give you an aggressive cut-down combined with a mirror shine to even the most delicate of components.

  • Hinged barrels with clamps makes it easy to use.
  • Wear resistant polyurethane liners.
  • Liners available with dividers to avoid damage of parts.
  • Metal reinforced liners available for rigidity and sealing, when processing very small parts.
  • Incorporates the spider plate technology for added thrust for processing of components.
  • Variable motor rating to suit specific application by part weight.
  • Integrated temperature monitoring system to prevent overheating within the barrels and damaging the liners.
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