Lapping Valves - Case Study

Test Requirements: To Lap valve body & valve top plate
Component: Valve

Machine Type: Kemet 15” diamond lapping/polishing machine
Lap Plate: Kemet Copper
Abrasive Type/Grade: Kemet Liquid diamond 6 Micron Type K standard
Additional Pressure: 4 Kg

Process Breakdown
Stage Plate/cloth type Abrasive type/grade Process time Dispenser Settings
Valve Top Plate Kemet Copper Kemet Liquid diamond 6 micron type k std 5 minutes 1 second Spray every 40 seconds
Valve Body Kemet Copper Kemet Liquid diamond 6 micron type k std 10 minutes 1 second Spray every 40 seconds

Lapping Process for Valves

The Valve Top plate was placed into the center of the conditioning ring. The hand weight used was faced using a Kemet facing kit consisting of a non-skid rubber pad. This pad can be fixed to the bottom surface of the hand weight. The hand weight with the pad is then placed directly on top of the valve which has been positioned inside the conditioning ring. Lapping can occur and the parts will not skid out of position. The valve top plate was lapped for a total time of 5 minutes. Flatness: 1 light band 0.00029mm Ra 0.0455µm

Self adhesive foam tape was placed round the outer diameter of the valve body and placed into the conditioning ring. The tape is applied to protect the valve as the machine runs. The valve requires no additional weight. After 10 minutes the vale body is fully lapped. Flatness: 1 light band 0.00029mm Ra 0.0250µm

Additional Info: The parts were cleaned using ultrasonics, a Kemet 12 ultrasonic cleaner was used with a 5% dilution of Galvex 18.01 for a cycle time of 5 minutes.

Before Lapping Valve

Before Lapping valve

After Lapping Valve

After Lapping valve

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