Lapping Polymer - Case Study

Test Requirements: 1. To lap 4 steel parts and 4 polymer parts to Drg.

All 6 components where run for 10 minutes and fixtured using a non-slip on a 15” 4 Kg hand weight.

1. Lapping process

Equipment used:

  1. Kemet 15” lapping/polishing machine
  2. Kemet Copper SP2 15” Lapping plate
  3. Kemet Flatness gauge
  4. Kemet Liquid diamond 6 micron Type K STD
  5. CO-42 cleaning fluid

4. Results data

The resulting Ra:
Steel 0.0089 µm
Polymer 0.0698 µm
All parts flat to 1- 2 Lightbands

After Lapping Polymer

after Lapping polymer

Lapping polymer

lapped polymer

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