Lapping & Polishing Titanium - Case Study

Test Requirements: To mirror polish and lap titanium components with a process that causes as little roll off as possible
Component/Material: 20 x 1/8” titanium diameter rods.

Process for producing mirror finish to Titanium

Using the PR3 plate gives you the best plate polish, whilst leaving the edges nice and sharp. We tried to keep the CMP process time to a minimum and used a different type of polishing pad to try and minimise edge roll off. We stopped the process after each minute and examined parts under a microscope for scratches. After 3 minutes of pad polishing, the scratches disappeared. Ra was estimated at better than 0.02 µm.

Process Breakdown
Stage Plate/cloth type Abrasive type/grade Process time
1 Lap PR3 Kemet diamond slurry 6 micron type k std 10 minutes
2 Polish Chem-HB polishing pad Col-K (X) 3 minutes

titanium parts polished

After CMP Polishing for 3 minutes

Test Requirements: To lap and polish titanium parts with sapphire inserts
Component/Material: Titanium Ground Heads

Process Breakdown For Lapping Titanium
Stage Plate/cloth type Abrasive type/grade Process time
Pre lap Kemet Copper 6-OP Diamond suspension 20 minutes
1 Lap Kemet Copper 3-OP Diamond suspension 30 minutes
2 Polish Chem-H pad Col-K (X) CMP Slurry 30 minutes

Before Polishing Titanium

Before Polishing Titanium

After Polishing Titanium

After Polishing Titanium

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