Lapping & Polishing Graphite - Case Study

Test Requirements: Lap out damage to graphite seals
Component/Material: Graphite seals
Machine Type: Kemet 15” diamond lapping machine
Lap Plate: Kemet Iron

When the graphite seals were lapped on a Kemet Iron with 14 Micron Type K standard, Ra of 0.088 µm was achieved (Flatness better than 1 light band). The damage was lapped out. The graphite seals were then polished on a Kemet Iron with 3 Micron Type K standard, Ra of 0.0693 µm was achieved. If the graphite seals are only polished on 3 Micron Type K standard, it took 40 minutes to lap out the damage.

Test Requirements: To lap and polish Cast Iron & Graphite mechanical seals, in a 1 stage process.
Component/Material: Cast Iron & Graphite seals
Machine Type: Kemet 15” diamond lapping/polishing machine

When processing the graphite seals, after 2 minutes turn off diamond, this is so the graphite burnishes for the final minute, producing a more reflective finish. Ra after polishing step: 0.263 µm

Process Breakdown
Component Plate/cloth type Abrasive type/grade Process time
Cast iron mechanical seal Kemet Copper Kemet Liquid diamond Type K 10 minutes
Graphite mechanical seal 3 minutes

After Polishing Graphite

After Polishing Graphite

Cleaning Graphite - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Component: Packing tooling
Material: Poco EDM1 Graphite
Contamination prior to cleaning: Dust, Dielectric fluid
% Satisfactorily Cleaned: 100%.

Machine(s) used Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Kemet 12 Galvex 18:01 50°C 5%
Kemet 12 De-ionised water 40°C 100%
Versa 120 Dryer N/A 70°C N/A

Process for cleaning Graphite

The basket of the wash tank was layered with a rubber mesh so as not to damage the part .The part was then placed into the wash tank and set for a cycle of 5 minutes. After the wash cycle the part was rinsed in deionized water for 3 minutes, rinsing is a very important stage as it neutralizes any left on cleaning agent which could etch or stain the part. Finally the part was placed into a versa hot air dryer unit set at 65°C for 10 minutes.

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