Automated Lapping of Recessed Surfaces

A bench top lapping machine, designed to produce pressure seal quality flat surfaces with controlled finishes on internal/recessed circular faces. These surfaces would normally require labour intensive hand lapping by a skilled operative, but the market is increasingly demanding an automated solution that provides repeatable higher tolerances and surface finish specifications.

This lapping machine will process internal faces up to 300 mm in diameter, producing a flatness of 0.001 mm and, depending on the material and the tooling, anything from a standard matt finish to a high mirror polish can be obtained. The beauty of basing the internal lapping system on the Kemet 15 is that the setup can quickly be changed to a standard lapping machine, allowing the flatness of the laps, which generate the flatness of the recessed internal face, to be maintained on the same machine.

With over 80 years' experience of manufacturing surface finishing solutions, Kemet is able to incorporate lap materials to suit any application. The patented Kemet composite material, used in combination with Kemet diamond compounds and slurries, can generate any surface finish required on virtually any material. The company also manufactures a range of flatness inspection equipment, so that lapped faces can be checked for flatness prior to assembly or pressure testing.

The Internal Lapping Machine incorporates a heavy duty mounting arm with a simple positioning pin for small laps, and a vertical yoke system for larger ring laps. Once a process has been fine tuned and validated, users can be confident that the same quality surface can be generated time after time, with no labour intensive hand lapping where the quality of the finish is often heavily dependent on the skill of the technician.

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