Lapping flat a raised patterned square of glass and polish to full transparency - Case Study

Stage 1 (Lap) Equipment used:

  • Kemet 24” lapping/polishing machine
  • Cast Iron lapping plate
  • Kemet Flatness gauge
  • Kemox 0-800s
  • CO-42 cleaning fluid
  • 24” dycem faced pressure weight

Stage 2 (Polish) Equipment used:

  • Kemet 24” lapping/polishing machine
  • PSU-M polishing cloth
  • Kemox 970BB
  • CO-42 cleaning fluid
  • 24” dycem faced pressure weight
Process Breakdown
Stage Media Plate/Cloth
1 (Lap) Kemox 0-800s Cast Iron
2 (Polish) Kemox 970BB PSU-M

Process for Lapping and Polishing Glass

Stage 1: One square of glass was placed inside the centre of a control ring on a flat cast Iron lapping plate, a dycem faced weight was placed on top, this is for quick fixturing in a production level, you would use a profiled out work holder for convenience and protection of parts. The machine was then cycled using Kemox 0-800s till the patterned face had cleaned up, this took 25 minutes. The glass was then turned over, the same methods were used but with a clean up time of 10 minutes. Glass was then cleaned off with Co42 cleaning fluid.

Stage 2: The cleaned glass was then placed into a plastic faced control ring and a dycem back weight was placed on top. The machine was cycled for 15 minutes per side with a PSU-M polishing cloth using Kemox 970BB. Glass was then cleaned with Co42 cleaning fluid.

Before Lapping Glass

before lapping polishing glass

After Polishing Glass

after lapping polishing glass

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