Lapping and Polishing Silver (Coin Blanks)

Stage 1 (Diamond polish):

  • Kemet 15” lapping/polishing machine
  • ASFL polishing cloth
  • Kemet Flatness gauge
  • 3 micron type k std
  • Custom profiled workholder
  • Co42 cleaning fluid

Stage 2 (Polish) Equipment used:

  • Kemet 15” lapping/polishing machine
  • Chem H polishing cloth
  • Plastic faced control ring
  • Custom profiled workholder
  • Col-K S
  • Deionized water
Process Breakdown
Stage Media Plate/Cloth
1 3 micron type k std ASFL
2 Col-K S Chem H

Process for Lapping and Polishing Silver

Stage 1: The silver blank was placed inside a custom profiled workholder sitting in a 15” plastic faced control ring on top of a ASFL polishing cloth. The machine was run with 3 micron type k std and cycled for 5 minutes on the rough cut side and 3 minutes on the smooth side. The dispenser settings were 1 second of spray every 40 seconds. The blank was removed and cleaned with Co42.

Stage 2: The diamond polished blank was placed back into the workholder and placed onto a Chem H polishing pad and was run for 5 minutes per side with Col-K S. The blank was immediately sprayed with deionized water after process and air lined off.

Pre-processed blank


Before Lapping Silver

after lapping silver

After Polishing Silver

after polishing silver

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