Kemet Innovations Offer Best of both Worlds and Better for the World

Two new innovations from precision lapping, polishing and cleaning leaders, Kemet International Ltd, promise to make life much easier for companies needing to lap and polish components and contribute to a better environment.

The first, a new composite plate, can be used as a both a lapping and polishing plate for a variety of metals. Traditionally companies need two different plates - one for stock removal to achieve the desired flatness and the other to obtain a mirror polish. This requires either two machines or having to change the plate between processes. The new composite, Kemet Copper SP2, removes the expense/space requirement for two machines or the laborious changing of plates. Kemet Copper SP2 offers fast stock removal and an excellent surface finish. It can be easily grooved, is capable of processing a large variety of metals and is available in a variety of sizes from 15” (380mm) to 84” (2,140mm) diameter

The second innovation is a new, improved formula for Kemet’s best-selling Diamond Slurry - Type K. Developed by Kemet’s in-house chemists, the new diamond abrasive slurry is an excellent, general purpose, low viscosity, oil/water emulsion, suitable for most applications. The new formula offers lower viscosity to give better stock removal, longer suspension of the diamond abrasive, a more even spread over the lapping plate, easier cleaning of components after lapping, low odour and last, but definitely not least, it is environmentally friendly. With a Volatile Organic Content (VOC) of ZERO grams/litre the Type K is not classified as an atmospheric pollutant. The new formula is available from 1/10 Micron to 90 Micron and in pack sizes of 400g and 2000g.

For more details of both these new innovations contact Kemet here or call 01622755287

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