Significant Savings In 3D Print Ultrasonic Cleaning (PLA Removal of 3D Prints)

3D-cleaning is easy! You need an ultrasonic cleaner, a cleaning liquid to match the process and electricity. Kemet ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for all liquids used in 3D-production, e.g. for oils and alcalic liquids.

Ultrasonic cleaning improves the quality of end products and reduces quantity of misprints. Ultrasonic wash is an efficient and user friendly way for cleaning of trays and 3D-printed components before further handling.

  • Accelerates removal of support material. Time savings 30-90% depending on the component geometry.
  • Speeds up cleaning of components with sophisticated geometry and unifies the cleaning result.
  • Releases labor to other tasks and makes handling of 3D-printed components easy.

3D printing cleaner

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