Ultrasonic cleaning of glass slides and vacuum jigs

Our Ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for cleaning glass slides and vacuum jigs. This slide has been lapped on the geological lapping machine and requires cleaning before further processes are allowed on it. Place face down the dirty side into the basket, and place the basket gently into the ultrasonic bath. Leave the tiles in the ultrasonic cleaner for about 3 minutes depending on the style/size of the slide, and as you can see after 10 seconds, they are already looking quite clean. After 1 minute, examine the slides again, and they should now be completely clean.

The geological lapping vacuum fixture requires cleaning preferably after each operation; this will remove any muck gathered within the vacuum ports and the channels. To do this take your basket and turn upside down and place into the tank ensuring that the level is above the base of the tank. Place your vacuum jig on top of your basket, again ensuring that the level does not come too high around the shell of the vacuum jig. After 30 seconds or so have a look at the face to see how long to carry on for, after 5 minutes have another look, as you can see most of the slurry has now been removed and can be easily wiped away with a tissue. If there is excessive contamination, just place back into the cleaner to complete the cycle. This is now your cleaned vacuum jig ready for your next operation.

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