How to remove ink from parts - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Material: Various materials
Component: Dirty ink tank shell, pump and tic board
Contamination prior to cleaning: Ink

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Fluid Temperature(s) Concentration
MI40 Ultrasonic HP imaging Oil No heat, room temperature 100%
Versa 120 Ultrasonic Galvex 18.01 50°C 5%
Versa 120 Rinse Tap water 50°C 100%
Versa 120 Rinse DI Water 50°C 100%
Versa 120 Dryer N/A 50°C N/A

Process for removing ink:

An MI40 ultrasonic tank was diluted with 100% concentration of HP imaging oil, the oil was tested and showed good cavitation. The oil was not heated as this posed a potential hazard. The TIC board was placed in the basket and cleaned for a cycle time of 20 minutes in the imaging oil. The clear housing was then cleaned using the same process as the TIC board.

Upon inspection both the board and the housing showed ink residue remaining, Both parts were then cleaned using the aqueous process using Galvex 18.01 cleaning fluid at a 5 % concentration for 10 minutes followed by a tap water rinse, DI water rinse and a hot air dry. Note: The tanks were filled to weir level so both the board and the housing was positioned in the basket standing up and was fully submerged.

Before ink is removed

Before ink is removed

Before cleaning ink off

After ink is removed

After ink is removed

After cleaning ink off

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