Circuit Board & PCB Cleaning - Case Study

Customers Criteria: To remove contamination.
Component: PCB Part
Material: Copper, Tin, Nickel & Gold
Contamination prior to cleaning: Carbon & Copper dendrites
Total number off: 3
Number off per run: 1

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Agent Temperature(s) Concentration
Kemet 12 Ultrasonic Cleaner 17.13 45°C 25%
Kemet 12 Ultrasonic Cleaner Deionised water 60°C 100%
Kemet MI 40 Hot air Dryer N/A 65°C N/A

Process for cleaning PCB's:

Is it recommended not to clean Circuit Boards (PCB) manually with a cleaning brush as this can damage the components, the best solution is to use an ultrasonic cleaner following this process. A wash cycle time of 60 minutes is required to fully clean the PCB, dunking after 30 minutes is recommended to help move debris sitting on the part. Rinsing is an important stage as to insure the cleaning agent dose not etch or damage the PCB. Recommended rinse cycle of 5 minutes. A drying cycle time of 10 minutes at 65°C

% Satisfactorily Cleaned: 100%.
Etched effect: None

PCB Cleaning Fluid - Removing Flux from PCB’s

17.13 F.R. is a liquid emulsion formulated to fully remove flux from PCB’s. This cleaning fluid has powerful and excellent emulsifying properties and can be used with or without ultrasonic (with agitation). It does not damage surface or oxidize substrate.

Product Unit Code
17:13 F.R 5 Litres 363158
25 Litres 363156

Before circuit board is cleaned

before cleaning pcb

before cleaning circuit board

After circuit board is cleaned

after cleaning pcb

after cleaning circuit board