In Line Spray and Ultrasonic Immersion Tank

Multi stage aqueous ultrasonic immersion lines have long been the standard way of cleaning oils and compounds from medical implants and you will typically see these type of lines at the end of every manufacturing process. For heavily contaminated parts, this means that filtration and regular fluid with detergent changes are needed because even with filtration and surface skimming, the level of contaminates soon effects the cleaning results.

For complex parts with blind threaded holes like stems and femoral parts, there is always the danger of trapped contamination. This can be overcome with fixture design, but Kemet along with their partners at Finnsonic now offer modular spray tanks to quickly remove heavy contamination from any surface, including hard to reach cavities and holes.

In Line Spray and Ultrasonic Immersion Tank

In the past, the only spray option has been a separate spray washer, but this usually means the parts have to be manually loaded from one style of basket to another and then manually transferred from the spray wash to the ultrasonic line; but with Kemets new modular spray systems, the spray tank becomes part of an automated line, taking the same basket all the way through the process with no additional manual handling needed at any point. By having a spray tank as part of the line it also means that heavy contaminates can be removed by spraying and then these contaminates are collected and kept separate from the ultrasonic tanks so the longevity of filters and detergents can be greatly extended thus reducing the day to day cost of running the line.

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Kemet have non foaming detergents specifically for spray washing meaning they can supply a full ultrasonic and spray wash turnkey solution for any challenge.

If you would like to investigate how modular spray washing could improve the efficiency and repeatability of any of your in-process cleaning requirements, contact us

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