Galvex 18.01 Cleaning Fluid

GALVEX 18.01 is a lightly alkaline liquid for ultrasonic applications. It does not present any danger for the environment, phosphate or complexing agents and NTA free, designed for cleaning and super finishing of JEWELLERY, WATCH PARTS, ORTHOPAEDIC ITEMS and MICRO-MECHANICS.

  • Elimination of oils, polishing compounds on all metals
  • The free rinsing properties of GALVEX 18.01 ensure a bright and shining finish, whatever the drying process
  • It replaces favourably solvents A3

Concentration: 2 to 5%
Temperature: 65 to 75 °C
Time: 2 to 4 min

GALVEX 18.01 can be used with tap water or demineralized water. The ultrasonic cleaner must be prepared with hot water (40°C) before adding the product.

pH: 9.6
pH (1%) : 9.3
density: 1,056 g/ml
Surface tension: 28.6 mN/m

Other benefits of Galves 18.01

  • Complete removal of light oils, grinding oils polishing compounds and finger prints
  • High efficiency on brushed, satin andstippled parts (complex geometry)
  • Emulsifies and dissolves grease
  • Perfect degreasing of parts
  • Easily rinsed off, can be used as a finishing product
  • Bright and spot-free finishing

Examples of before and after using Galex 18.01

before using galvex 18.01

after using galvex 18.01

before cleaning with galvex 18.01

after cleaning with galvex 18.01

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