Cleaning Fluid Alternatives

Alternative to Acetone (flammable solvent)

ALLSTRIP - Cleaning Fluid

Universal NEP-FREE solvent used in ultrasonic cleaning processes to quickly eliminate glues, polishes, waxes, dyes and monomer residues on ophthalmic and precision glasses (PC, CR39, TRIVEX, Quartz, BK7, B270, Flat glass, KG2 filte, Germanium, Calcium Fluoride, etc) and metals (including galvanised metal).

  • Does not contain NEP
  • Eliminates all organic residues (glue, wax, varnish, etc)
  • Emulsifies and dissolves grease
  • Disperses contaminants
  • Excellent alternative to acetone
  • Can be distilled in vacuum chambers
  • This product is not inflammable (flash point > 65°C)
  • Item surface slightly water-repellent

Instructions for use

Temperature: 20 to 50°C
Time: 2 to 10 min.

Replacement for TRI, PER and Trichloroethane 1.1.1.

RODAWEG - Cleaning Fluid

RODAWEG is a biodegradable alkaline (pH 12.8) liquid used for the micro preparation of surfaces prior to vacuum coating. It is particularly recommended to remove polishing compounds and oils from steel and hard metals

  • Replaces advantageously TRI, PER and Trichloroethane 1.1.1.
  • Very high emulsifying property
  • May be used at a low temperature (30°C)
  • After cleaning, surfaces of very high quality
  • pH : 14
  • pH (1%): 12.7
  • density: 1.41 g/ml

Instructions for use

Concentration: 2 to 4%
Temperature: 30 to 75°C
Time: 2 to 3 min.

Alternative for perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene

17.13 SUPER - Cleaning Fluid

    • 17.13 SUPER is a liquid emulsion formulated to remove oils, grease, typesetter’s cement, bicoloured varnish in electroplating and fingerprints.
    • Powerful degreaser and excellent emulsifying properties
    • Adds surface protection during storage
    • Substitution of acetone used to remove bicoloured varnish after rhodium or electroplating on gold, silver and brass
    • Substitution of perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene used in the field of goldsmith to remove typesetter’s cement
    • For all metals in Ultrasonic cleaning
    • pH: 9.3
    • pH (1%): 8.2
    • Density: 0.980g/ml
    • Flashpoint: > 60°C

Instructions for use

Concentration: 3-5%
Temperature: 65-70°C
Time: 1-3 min.

Replacement for A3 solvents

GALVEX 18.01 - Cleaning Fluid

GALVEX 18.01 is a lightly alkaline liquid, for ultrasonic cleaning applications. It does not present any danger for the environment, phosphate or complexing agents and NTA free, designed for cleaning and super finishing of Jewellery, Watch Parts, Orthopaedic items and Micro-Mechanics.

      • Elimination of oils, polishing compounds on all metals.
      • The free rinsing properties of GALVEX 18.01 ensure a bright and shining finish, whatever the drying process.
      • It replaces favourably solvents A3.
      • pH: 9.5
      • pH (1%) : 9.2
      • density: 1.050 g/ml

Instructions for use

Concentration: 2 to 5%
Temperature: 65 to 75 °C
Time: 2 to 4 min.

Replacement for TRI-PER-BENZOL

DECOCLEAN 347 - Cleaning Fluid

DECOCLEAN 347 is a biodegradable, alkaline (pH value 14) liquid used to remove machining oils from turned parts (STEEL and BRASS). It is advantageously replaces solvents as TRI-PER-BENZOL, and is mainly used as a pre-cleaning compound prior to HOT AIR or VACUUM DRYING.

  • Advantageously replaces solvents as TRI-PER-BENZOL
  • It degreases, desemulsifies and separates oils (The installation has to be equipped with an oil separator)
  • Due to its unique properties, frequent changes of the bathes can be avoided
  • It leaves a protecting film, which does not restrain or influence further operations
  • Harmless and economical
  • More than 90% biodegradable

Instructions for use

Concentration: 3 to 5%
Temperature: 50 to 60°C
Time: 2 to 5 min.

Replacement for Chlorinated Solvents & NMP

RUBIFIN N°5 - Cleaning Fluid

RUBIFIN N°5 is a liquid used to remove greases, waxes, rosin, parafin and varnish.

  • Used with ultrasonic cleaning or by dipping with agitation
  • VOC free
  • density: 0,900 g/ml
  • flash point: 65°C

Instructions for use

Concentration: 100%
Temperature: 20 to 50°C
Time: 3 to 10 min.

Replacement for Solvents & Biological Barrel-Top

NANOCLEAN 100 - Cleaning Fluid

NANOCLEAN 100 is a neutral detergent, used in aqueous solution for the inter-operational degreasing of metal or plastic parts. It is used by dipping or spraying and allows undesirable taxed solvents (VOC), such as oil benzine and other sections, to be replaced.

  • Fast removal of oil by spraying or dipping
  • Approved medical
  • Non toxic for the operators (neutral pH)
  • Is appropriate perfectly for use in barrel-top degreaser equipped with oil separator
  • Replaces advantageously products with micro-organic matters
  • Does not leave any film on the surface
  • pH: 8.0
  • pH (1%): 8.8
  • density: 1,370 g/ml

Instructions for use

Used by dipping, with or without ultrasonics, spraying, barrel-top degreaser finishing by blowing with compressed air or hot air drying

Concentration by dipping: 7%
Concentration by spraying: 3%
Temperature: 20 to 40°C
Time: 30 to 60 min.

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