Cleaning Automotive housings with an Ultrasonic Cleaner - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Component: Automotive housings
Material: Various
Contamination prior to cleaning: Carbon staining, corrosion

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Fluid Temperature(s) Concentration
Versa 120 Wash Rodastel 30 55°C 4%
Versa 120 Rinse Tap water 40°C 100%
Versa 120 Dry N/A 70°C N/A

Process for cleaning automotive parts:

All tanks were allowed to reach the required temperature and degassed before cleaning.

The parts were placed inside the basket then submerged in the tank for a cycle time of 30 minutes, after the parts were turned allowing the ultrasonics to evenly clean both faces and set for an additional 30 minutes. The parts were then rinsed in a non-ultrasonic rinse tank using an air bubble agitation for 3 minutes to help neutralise the surface and remove any remaining debris.

Finally the parts were dried in a hot air drying unit for 20 minutes at 65°C then inspected.

The process used is effective at removing carbon build up on aluminium; ideally the housings would be stripped before cleaning for optimal results. Increasing the fluid concentration and the cycle time should improve the results.

Before cleaning automotive parts

Before cleaning automotive housing

Before cleaning automotive housing part

After cleaning automotive parts

after cleaning automotive housing

after cleaning automotive housing part

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