Valve Grinding Gate, Check, Safety, Control Valves & Gate Valve Wedges

Model G for valves 6"-32" (150-812mm)*

Drive heads on the model G incorporate individually driven discs, permitting rapid and efficient grinding of exceptionally smooth, flat surfaces for tightest possible seats.

The Model G drive head carries five telescopically adjustable radial arms to which the grinding heads are attached. Grinding heads are available in a range of lengths and sizes, permitting numerous combinations within the 150–1300 mm range (6”–32”).

Other accessories are available to increase the capacity to 52" (1320mm)

grinding check valves

Horizontal or vertical grinding

Drive heads can be angled to grind valve seats in any angle from vertical to horizontal. The valve grinder is easily set up for wedge grinding using the existing clamping system. Supplied with a rugged, customized carrying/storage case complete with all necessary accessories. The case is fitted with specially designed compartments molded to the shape of each component, allowing operators to confirm at glance that all items are in place before and after grinding.

All valve grinders are designed for operational compatibility. They can be run from bench-mountings and driven by pneumatic or electric powered motors. Equipment purchased initially for relatively small diameter ranges can be conveniently upgraded to deal with larger ranges at a later date. This unique degree of flexibility means that grinders can be readily adapted to suit a wide variety of customer needs.

Kemet grinding paper is tested, proved and perfectly fitted to suit your machine under the conditions it will be working in (from 40 grit to 3mic).

Horizontal or vertical valve grinder

telescopically adjustable radial arms

Possible valve grinding range for model G

A= 140-1361mm (6"-54.4")
B= 68mm (2,72") min
C= 100mm (4”) min - 900mm (36“) standard - 1500mm (60") max (option)
D= 150 - 1371mm (6" – 54,8")
L= 730mm (29,2") min
Carrying case Model G 600: 960 x 520 x 380mm / 15.2" x 20.8" x 38.4" Total weight Model Model G 600 67 kg (148 lb)

grinding range for model g

Model G 300
150- 300mm (6”-12”)
G 600
150- 600mm (6"-24”)
G 800
150- 800mm (6”-32”)
G 1000
150- 1000mm (6”-40”)
G 1300
150- 1300mm (6”-52”)
G 300-
1300 300- 1300mm (12”-52”)
Base unit
Bottom plate for grinding gate valve wedges
Pneumatic drive unit (6-7 bar) option option option option option option
Regulator for pneumatic drive unit option option option option option option
Electric drive unit 110 or 220V option option option option option option
Holder for drive unit. Maximum depth 900mm (C-measure)
Extra long holder for drive unit. Maximum depth 1500mm (C-measure) option option option
Driving head G I option
Driving head G II option
Driving head G IV option option option  
Grinding arm I option
Grinding arm II
Grinding arm III option
Grinding arm IV option option
Grinding arm VI option option option
Adapter plates ø 50mm/2" for wider seats
Adapter plates ø 70mm/2,8" for wider seats option option option
Adapter plates ø 105mm/4,2" for wider seats option option option option
Transport and storage case with necessary tools to operate the G
Rough, medium and fine grinding discs 100 of each size applicable to your choice

A selection of standard models, other configurations and accessories are available on request