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cleaning precision partsBy: Kemet 21st March 2017 Cleaning

Cleaning of Mechanical Precision Parts

High precision and strong quality control during the entire assembly process contribute to this success...

proceco cleaningBy: Kemet 7th March 2017 Cleaning

Kemet to represent Proceco

Heavy Duty Cleaners in the UK and Ireland

improve your ultrasonic cleaningBy: Kemet 21st February 2017 Cleaning

Tips for Ultrasonic Cleaning

Read our helpful guide on tips to improve your Ultrasonic Cleaning...

lapping problem solvingBy: Kemet 7th February 2017 Lapping

Lapping Problem Solving

We can help with any lapping problems you have. View this article for basic problems and solutions...

lapping machine checkBy: Kemet 24th January 2017 Lapping

Free Lapping Machine Health Check & Process Optimisation

Free lapping machine health check and lapping process optimisation visit to make sure you are getting the best possible performance and results...

ultrasonic cleaning aluminiumBy: Kemet 10th January 2017 Cleaning

Cleaning Aluminium with an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Case study on Ultrasonic Cleaning Aluminium

gear lappingBy: Kemet 13th December 2016 Lapping

Gear Lapping

Gear faces and aerospace fuel and hydraulic systems will typically need very good flatness and surface finish on faces that have integral shafts...

ultrasonic cleaning steelBy: Kemet 30th November 2016 Cleaning

Cleaning Steel with an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Case study on Ultrasonic Cleaning Steel

lapping and polishing brassBy: Kemet 15th November 2016 Lapping

Lapping & Polishing Brass

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Brass

lapping safety valvesBy: Kemet 1st November 2016 Lapping

Lapping Safety Valves

Kemet Diamond Lapping machines are ideally suited for lapping and repairing safety valves...

cleaning Polypropylene BoxesBy: Kemet 25th October 2016 Cleaning

Cleaning Polypropylene Boxes with an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Case study on cleaning polypropylene boxes

metallurgy catalogueBy: Kemet 19th October 2016 Metallography

NEW Materialographic Catalogue

Hot off the press comes Kemet International’s new catalogue detailing our extensive range of Materialographic Equipment and Consumables.

polishing steelBy: Kemet 12th October 2016 Lapping

Lapping & Polishing Steel

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Steel

lapping recessed surfacesBy: Kemet 4th October 2016 Lapping

Lapping of Recessed Surfaces

These surfaces would normally require labour intensive hand lapping by a skilled operative, but the market...

cleaning coinsBy: Kemet 27th September 2016 Cleaning

Cleaning coins with an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Case study on cleaning coins

Medical Device ManufacturingBy: Kemet 20th September 2016 Lapping

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Implants are currently in great demand with manufacturers being asked for ever higher standards of surface finish and profile accuracy...

polishing ceramicBy: Kemet 14th September 2016 Lapping

Lapping & Polishing Ceramic

Case study on Lapping and Polishing Ceramic

petrographic thin section preparationBy: Kemet 2nd September 2016 Petrography

Petrographic Thin Section Preparation

In optical mineralogy and petrography, a thin section is a laboratory preparation of a rock, mineral, soil, pottery, bones, even metal sample for use with...

cleaning keyboardsBy: Kemet 30th August 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Keyboards

Case study on cleaning keyboards with an ultrasonic cleaner

polishing graphiteBy: Kemet 23rd August 2016 Lapping

Lapping & Polishing Graphite

Case study on lapping, polishing and cleaning Graphite

thin section preparationBy: Kemet 16th August 2016 Metallography

Thin Section Preparation

Our helpful guide on the initial stage of preparing thin sections - Abrasive Cutting

cleaning copperBy: Kemet 10th August 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Copper, Silver & Brass

Case study on ultrasonic cleaning copper, silver & brass

polishing stainless steelBy: Kemet 3rd August 2016 Lapping

Lapping & Polishing Stainless Steel

Case study on lapping and polishing stainless steel components.

metallography etchingBy: Kemet 26th July 2016 Metallography

Metallography Etching

Etching of the metal surface is done to make visible the crystalline structure of the metal and to produce optical contrast between the various constituents...

polishing cobaltBy: Kemet 20th July 2016 Lapping

Polishing Cobalt

Case study on polishing cobalt to a mirror finish.

cleaning conditioning ringsBy: Kemet 12th July 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Conditioning Rings

How to clean conditioning rings quickly

polishing metallography specimensBy: Kemet 5th July 2016 Metallography

Polishing Metallography Specimens

Each sample may require a different approach depending on the material, size, finish required and machinery available. In general, a metallographic sample is initially...

micrologue metallographyBy: Kemet 28th June 2016 Metallography

Metallography Microstructure & Analysis

Kemet Micrologue contains a number of case studies describing various sample preparation methods and the results obtained by applying these methods.